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Image by Anika De Klerk

About Us

Virabh Studios

Virabh Studios, we are a production house aim to bring new stories and experiences to audiences around the world with unique craft. 

Our Vision is to create films that are entertaining, engaging, and well-crafted and we emphasize the importance of storytelling, cinematic technique, and artistic vision.

We strive to discover and nurture new talent by supporting emerging filmmakers, writers, actors, and giving them opportunities to showcase their work.


We are here to tell stories that inspire, entertain, and connect with audiences.

The Team

Basavaraj Hurakadli.jpg
Basavaraj Hurakadli


An accomplished entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Virabh Research ( and Founder & Director of Virabh Technologies (, he harboured a deep passion for filmmaking from an early age. This childhood dream has now materialized with the establishment of Virabh Studios.

Renuka Prasad
Renuka Prasad K R


An accomplished entrepreneur in the Real Estate industry, Director of Virabh Research (, is now enthusiastic about collaborating in the realm of filmmaking with Virabh Studios.

Kolli Rohit


A  Passionate filmmaker who has been working as both a writer and director since 2012, with experience as an assistant director at Geetha Arts and various prominent productions.

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